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Latest releases:

Polonius - Gemini CS / 6 €

Polonius - Aries CS / 6 €

Anthology Volume I

C75, Edition of 80 copies

Anthology of Clayton Noone's (aka CJA) Heavy Space Records, which released 25 limited edition lathe-cut 7"'s between 2013-2017. This all will be released in three parts on cassettes. Volumes II & III available later this year.

Part I features tracks by Vlubä, The Futurians, L$D Fundraiser, Murdabike, Antony Milton, Ponzi Scheme, Vulcan Steel, and 6majik9. Sleeve art by Ducklingmonster.

Official website of the label here: 


Satumainen Avaruus

C50, Edition of 60 copies

Muuton Koto is a collaboration work of Finnish musicians Veli-Matti Ikävalko (Kutomo, Tulasi) and Jani Hirvonen (Uton). The recordings of this album started already in 2010, but it took almost 10 years before it was fully finished (but there was also many years when "nothing" really happened). It was recorded & mixed partially in Chantepie (France), Brisbane (Australia), Kotka, Helsinki and Turku (Finland).

Muuton Koto's music is a colourful psychedelic folk; with a mix of sweet lullabies and stranger experimental noises. Several electric and acoustic instruments were used and modified. Melodies and abstraction.

Sleeve art "Balduin in Wonderland" made by Johannes Schebler. 

6 € (+ shipping)




C-46, edition of 75 copies

players : Virginia Genta, David Vanzan, Seif Gaber
recorded July 2017 Handhabung, Santa Maria in Punta, Italy
 artwork (sculpture) by Salah Abdel Kerim

6 € (+ shipping)


The Eightness of Adam Qadmon
LP / IKU-056 / HYSTER27

Originally released on cassette by Corpus Hermeticum (Hermes003), 1994. 
All sounds by Alastair Galbraith and Bruce Russell.

"New Zealand is on summer holidays all through the month of January. For some reason I had the house to myself, the wife and kids were elsewhere. Alastair Galbraith brought over some instruments and we plugged in a cassette recorder. We spent the sunny afternoon setting up combinations of instruments and seeing what happened.

We had recorded the Concord LP the year before and done two gigs at the Empire tavern that became The Philosophick Mercury. The idea of Dust was taking shape through experimental practice. Some of it worked better than other bits, but it all made sense as a collage of sound, pointing in the direction of freedom. Our collective practice was making leaps and bounds; and starting to get heard abroad. In Australia the young Jon Dale was listening:

'The Eightness Of Adam Qadmon was one of the first releases I heard from A Handful of Dust… I've always been drawn to this cassette for its utterly unique, acroamatic sensibility - it seems less interested in third-eye-rupturing … and more about a late night session, bleeding into early morning, under the influence of heady wisdom and headier substances… What we had here was very much the real deal, collective and solo eviscerations from the heart of sound itself. I love it, unconditionally.'

Jon got the time of day wrong, but not much else. Going back to this session recently, I became aware of the strange, ungainly and unrepeatable shapes our practice assumed during these first forays into total free improvisation. Re-mastered with help from Lasse Marhaug, at the request of some visionary Finns; here Adam Qadmon, the ur-Golem, comes again. Walking from the graveyard of the past, blinking in the autumn sun, and shaking twenty-five years of clay from his coat." - Bruce Russell, Lyttelton 2019

co-released with Hyster Tapes

Edition of 300 copies

15 € (+ shipping)

 Grey Orders, Distant Trails
 LP / IKU-055

Improvised soundtrack to a non-existent Western, 
recorded in the late ‘90s by James Kirk, 
Nathan Thompson and Tim Cornelius.

"Deep South kitchen-sink explorers have been circling the drain in counterclockwise fashion for at least half my life and yet I am still reduced to shameless gobsmackery in the presence of this sterling new collection of historic treasures. Committed live-to-tape in the comfy climes of a living room/recording studio/temple affectionately known as 'Canongate' (a kinda homespun CBGBs of Dunedin's out-sound universe) Sandoz here bristle with the million-ideas-per-minute glory that hovers over their finest blossoms. Unrivalled in their inventiveness and the seemingly infinite permutations of 'shouldn't work but does' instrumentation, 'Grey Orders...' creaks and rattles like ringing spurs on the empty bar floor of some unseen antipodean western. Whether this makes more sense envisioning the cactus-pronged wastes of Arizona or the deserted main streets deep in the blistering badlands of central Otago is best left to the ear of the beholder, but one things for goddamnsure... 
there's gold in these here hills and I'm gettin' me a 
mule and a pick-axe." - Campbell Kneale 

Edition of 250 copies

15 € (+ shipping)


Natural Screenery

"Natural Screenery" might sound unnatural to some, but this is the second Black Trumpets album. The songs are first and foremost based on a key moment shared playing together, but then this becomes the basis for stretching time in every way possible. Keijo, Alex, and Tuomas play whatever it takes to get the message across: hopefully saving 'pop' from the drooling jaws of populism; putting the boogie back in blues; and fiddling with the lesser-known electronic knobs of folk.

"Natural Screenery" - näkymä voi jonkun mielestä olla luonnoton, mutta tämä on silti Mustien Trumpettien toinen kokoelma. Laulut ovat lähtöisin yhteisistä soittohetkistä, mutta ne venyttävät aikaa kaikin tavoin. Alex, Tuomas ja Keijo haluavat pelastaa pop-musiikin populismin kuolaavasta kidasta; he palauttavat boogien bluesiin ja sormeilevat folkin vähemmän tunnettuja sähkönsäätönappuloita.

Edition of 99 copies

6 € (+ shipping)

Already You If Beyond Flying
CS / IKASUS-065 

Another great set of psychedelic blues

Edition of 60 copies

6 € (+ shipping)

Poésie Surnaturelle

All selections performed live by Frédéric and 
Olivier Charlot without overdubs and loops.

Edition of 100 copies.

6 € (+ shipping)


El origen del pensamiento mágico

"Italy and Argentina blend together in slow motion and atonality: the collaboration of Italian music explorer Devid Ciampalini, and Argentinan free sonic experimentalist Pablo Picco have a voice and a path of their own: dense layers of analog synths erupt from every layer beneath the ground, field recordings of explosive apparatus, and smokey transmissions of percussion, strings and voices find their way to the cliff of human voices which appear to be broadcasted from inside a giant wolf’s nightmare."

Edition of 75 copies

6 € (+ shipping)


Electro-cosmic jamz from Finland, created by 
Samuli Kytö and Juuso Paaso. Colorful sounds & 
experiments for mind and body.

Edition of 75 copies

6 € (+ shipping)




Alan Wilkinson: bass clarinet, tenor saxophone 
Tasos Stamou: diy synths, Korg Volca FM, digital horn

Edition of 75 copies.

6 € (+ shipping)