Siipi Empii

LP / IKU-053

Available in April 20, 2018
Edition of 300 copies

Pre-orders available HERE

This album is also available in cassette format and 
digital download from Leaving Records.

Kemialliset Ystävät on Siipi Empii is Jan Anderzén 
with Marja Ahti, Niko-Matti Ahti, Francesco 
Cavaliere, Roope Eronen, Sam Hamilton, 
Jonna Karanka, Sami Pekkola, Petra Poutanen, 
Samuli Tanner, Antti Tolvi, 
 Jaakko Tolvi and Paul Wilson. 

Mastered by Matthewdavid.


Vergessene Träume 

LP / IKU-052

"It’s said that German philosopher Immanuel Kant hardly ever left his home town. Yet he managed to pull off some of the most influential thinking to date. How did he manage to do that? Well, a daily routine based on reasoning interrupted by long walks did the trick and – voilà! – another “Critique” was done!

Johannes Schebler’s body of work released under his Baldruin moniker may not exactly be as groundbreaking as the old geezer’s from Königsberg, but it’s fair to point out that his discipline is comparably versed and experienced when it comes to making his music. During the years past he hardly ever left town, avoided exhausting and time consuming nonsense such as touring and instead stayed inside preparing and releasing over a dozen albums since his first recordings back in 2009. He snuck out for a walk once in a while – especially to have a cheap lunch or dinner downtown – but other than that he kept himself busy watching Midnite Movies and messing around with a myriad of musical instruments. (And yes, an occasional painting was finished here and there, too!)

In short: Johannes is quite a regular guy following a well-arranged, unhurried 24/7 routine. Given this almost boring day in, day out one might wonder how he manages to piece together his colorful, imaginative and meticulously manufactured sonic miniatures? Well, it’s obviously that kind of untroubled artistic existence that leads to a mindset to create a slightly unsettling music quite far from the artist’s own experience. It’s not real, it’s phantasy. It’s art, it’s entertainment – and it’s meant to be fun. Keep in mind: Listening to „Vergessene Träume“ („Forgotten Dreams“) is like visiting a fairground’s Tunnel of Horror or a field trip to an other-worldly theme park: Tracks like „Begegnung im Labyrinth” („Encounter in the Maze“) or „Das Mysterium der Kreidefelsen“ („The Enigma of the Chalk Cliffs“) hint at the playful and surreal character of the music.

Music that is deeply informed by the colorful works of composers like Franco Battiato and the iconic and imaginative horror-movie soundtracks of Goblin („Susperia“) and the likes. So, don’t mistake Baldruin’s fanciful, vaudevillian approach with the omnipresent depressive and dystopian post-postmodern aesthetics. Baldruin’s far from being a bleak bloke and such is his music: It’s the brainchild of a rich, child-like imagination, a celebration of the comical ‘n creepy yet life-affirming forces in life. Enjoy the ride!"

Edition of 250 copies.

15 € (+ shipping)

Ex Libris

Edition of 51 copies

6 € (+ shipping)





NGW2 compilation tape is an unattached sequel to the first part of the series, that was released in 2014. Like its prequel, this compilation contains 60 minutes of previously unreleased music from 6 different artists/bands. The basis of the tracks was the name of the compilation, that each artist was given free hands to interpret in their own way. The end-result is a diverse collection of different tracks, that range from abstract representation to more straight-forward intonations and more rhythmical formations.

Edition of 100 copies.

5 € (+ shipping)




Second edition of this compilation, which
was originally released in 2014.

Including: Tsembla, Nuslux, Uton,

Olli Aarni, Tulasi, Varropas. 
Total: 60 minutes.

Edition of 40 copies.

5 euros (+ shipping)


The Unstruck Sound Centre

LP / IKU-049

"Premiere loop-age and analogue slurping from Brighton’s F.Ampism. Put simply this record is a jitterbug in a bubbling pond, coz this collection of nine fine sound pieces are all about fluid movement and itchy digit fidgets. Songs like ‘The Loosest Caduceus’ ripple like time waves, setting off yeasty fireworks behind my eyes. ‘Sand/Blood/Glass’ becomes a relic from my formication nightmare. And ‘Absolute Beyond Ill’ drives gravity back into a wood-lined barrel. Oh yeah Ampish-man YEAH! The exotic is never far from your soft lugs in this particular sound centre – picture Colin McPhee dropping his early Gamelan recordings in rose water – the bronze gongs get sticky with heady perfume right? This record is the perfect partner for reflective fellowship and riotous merry making." 
 - Joe Posset / Radio Free Midwich blog

Edition of 250 copies.

13 € (+ shipping)


Church Organ

2x CS / 2x C70 / IKASUS-053

Recorded (one take, no overdubs) in old 
church of Kemiö, Finland 23.9.2015. 

Edition of 100 copies.

10 € (+ shipping)



Blue Blew It 

CS / C40 / IKASUS-054

KEIJO VIRTANEN: guitar, vocal, mouth-harp, maraca 
ALEX REED: ukulele, bass, drums, volcas, c5, 
omnichord, organ, samples, backing vocals

 All music recorded at Keljo, Jyväskylä, Finland

5€ (+ shipping)

"The Newest Historic Site" 
LP / IKU-047

"Bersabea is a collaboration between Niko-Matti Ahti and Birgir Örn Jónsson. The music follows an open-ended inquiry. Improvisations, samples, voices, field recordings and other aural flotsam gets collaged into bite-size pop donuts, and vice versa. Niko-Matti and Birgir live in different countries in the northern hemisphere. The music is stitched together somewhere in between. Nothing is premeditated, nothing is arbitrary. Everything is playful, joy and terror abound. "The Newest Historic Site" is 
Bersabea's first full length."

Edition of 300 copies.

13€ (+ shipping)

BERSABEA website

Mineral Kingdom 
LP / LAL-88 / IKU-050

The Parels is a duo of Jim Goodall and Eddie Ruscha from L.A. This LP is their second release after their self titled tape on Lal Lal Lal. Inside the grooves of this record they continue their strange exotica mission through the jungle and towards the mysterious grottos of the Mineral Kingdom. The trip is listened through a kaleidoscope: Small details and miniature symphonies change places and blend together, enchanting scenes morph into others. 
Limited edition of 300. 
Co-release with Lal Lal Lal.

14€ (+shipping)